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JD/MA, Law and International Relations, Asian

As a young Asian woman with a passion for helping others, I am committed to obtaining my Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) degree and a Master of Arts in International Relations from XXXX's University's Joint Degree Program to make a significant contribution to the defense of international children's rights and family law this is my life, helping others. I have seen that there are a great nan excellent capable lawyers to help defend undocumented immigrants in the United States and assist in legal issues associated with international development. I have chosen XXXX's University for my graduate studies because of its focus on creating an intellectually stimulating environment by selecting students from diverse backgrounds who can uphold the quest for academic excellence and accomplishment in the practice of law. In addition to my outstanding academic record, I also bring a broad understanding of other cultures and languages, as well as a high level of maturity. As a result tong family hardships, that will enhance my ability to fulfill the expectations of XXXX's School of Law. I have persevered through many difficulties, which has helped me develop a highly motivated and well-disciplined character.

I was born and raised in Taiwan until the age of nine. At that point, I was sent to Canada where I was on my own, under the tutelage of a home-stay family, until I was fourteen. My parents had divorced, and I feel,lt firsthand the effects of that decision upon our family and especially us children as we are forced to adapt to difficultchallengingns such as integrating within different cultures and families while dealing with our parent's separation and increased responsibility at an early age. During my time in Canada, I would return each summer to visit my mother and family in Taiwan. When I was fourteen, I returned to Taiwan for two years and later moved to Houston, Texas, where I finished high school and have lived for the last several years. Even though my elementary and high school education was divided between schools in Vancouver, Taiwan, and Hous, ton, I managed to excel, maintaining excellent grades and receiving the National Honor Award for the final two years of my undergraduate studies.

In 2007, I graduated from the University of XXXX with a Degree in Psychology and a minor in Chinese. Even though I worked a full-time job to put myself through school, I diligently applied myself to my studies, achieving high marks and regularly making the Dean's list and the National Honor Roll. I did part of my undergraduate studies at XXXX College where I was honored to achieve a GPA of 3.5. I believe that one can achieve high standards of excellence through hard work and determination despite ties or unique challenges. My studies in the field of psychology have complemented my interest in understanding the enormous complexities that underlie family conflict, reconciliation, and success against overwhelming odds.

My diverse cultural background has given me a unique perspective on life. Since I have friends from all over the world, I understand and respect the uniqueness of cultural differences and am not quick to judge people. I am also able to adapt to new environments quickly and comfortably. I believe that communication is very impoessentialevelopment to successful interpersonal relationships. The fact that I am fluent in English, Taiwanese, and Chin,ese has contributed significantly to my academic and personal success. So in the process of perfecting my language skills in Japanese, Vietnamese, and Spanish, abilities that will increase my capacity to contribute to the field of international law.

I feel strongly that my intercultural skills, coupled with the added dimension of maturity, make me an excellent candidate for this combined degree in law and international relations. Living on my own since I was nine years old has helped me mature early and given me a sense of responsibility that many young people in the United States have failed to develop. For instance, I have conscientiously divided my time between my university studies and work during the past five years in Houston, often holding down several jobs at a time to my employers; I am a very efficient worker, paying great attention to detail and maintaining a high level of confidence and effective interaction with our customers.

Overall, I am a very responsible and goal-oriented person with a passion for making a difference in people's lives, particularly in the area and family counseling. I want to combine my interest in psychology with international law in order tote to find appropriate solutions to the many family problems that result from immigration. I intend to become a lawyer and perhaps, one day, a judge that would be highly sensitive to the special unique abused children and needy families within the judicial system. Eventually, I would also like to obtain a Ph.D. to the necessary skills and expertise that will allow me to conduct significant meaningful that would ultimately influenciinfluencend practice in the U.S. and beyond. The Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Master of Arts in International Relations at XXXX's University will help me to accomplish these long termlong-termional goals.

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