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LLB Law UK, GCSE English, Maths

How I See My Future? Every person in life grows upon having a future, they would covet to see this as cheerfulness but, does everybody's life tern out to be cheerful? Well I would say considering your future would be all regarding what you aspiration to occur, but for definite not everything will occur and all your wishes are not bound to come true.

Firstly I am going to talk about what stage of my life I am at, well so far in my life I am retaking my GCSE's as at school I failed only got a grade C in Art and design. The reason I failed was because of the death of my father. I am at the moment studying at Southgate College and I am doing GCSE English, Maths, Chemistry and ICT.

In the future as for next year I hope to stay on at Southgate college and finish my GCSE in Physic, Biology and literature. I would like to take up A-Level Mathematics and Law. In the future I would like to become a lawyer . in order to become a lawyer I would like to study Law in university so I need Law a-level to do this. As for maths I need this for any kind of job I do and anywhere you go if you don't have the skill in maths it won't be very helpful for you. I also find maths and law exciting.

Although I would like to become a lawyer, I would have to work hard towards this I would like to study in London universities, and do a sandwich course on la. This means that as well as studying I will also have the experience in this job afterwards. Although in order to study at university I will have to go into debt, because studying at university is quite expensive.

In 2006, when I will be stating university, the prices are going up from one thousand five hundred pound to three thousand pounds. This is double the amount of fees that I will have to pay. Although the fees will not have to paid when I stat university but, the fees will be paid when I stat working through system similar to tax. Going to university would make a start to my career.

I would like to plan my future as working hard towards becoming a lawyer and getting a job in London, why London? Well because London is a very big city and there are plenty of jobs available in this category. In the small towns of England there are not that many jobs available as this big city. By earning a degree I would say that I have earned my life a career. I would be able to stand on my own feet, so I can relay on myself.

In my personal life I would not like a life partner but, I would like to be single, as I hate the idea of marriage. I have seen a lot of people with problems in their married life, what assurance do I have that that won't happen to me? I am aware that life is full of risks but, this risk I will never take. In my personal life I would like to keep in touch with my best friend Isheeta(ishy). Isheeta really helps me out at times when I need her. For example when my father died last year she came to me without me having to tell her and gave me courage to live on my life.

In conclusion I would say that life is full of surprises. As you are not always aware of what will happen when. Today I may want to imagine what I anticipate to happen in the future . for example my father I loved him cared for him but, I never even thought that I will lose him at such a young age. All things happen in life but I believe that you should leave it on god he will do as much as he can to help us. We can't decide what will or will not happen, can we?

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