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LLB, Bachelors Law, UK, Magistrates Court

Firstly I would like to express my passion for the subject of Law. In May 2004 I gained work experience at Blackburn Magistrates Court, this opened my eyes to the English Legal System and from this; I was inspired to pursue a career in law.

Whilst studying for my law AS pre-legal qualifications in college, I attended a Behind Bars conference in Manchester in which I gained a valuable experience into the way the legal system works. I also took on board the reactions from the audience in relation to sentencing and even some miscarriages of justice; I found that this opened different perspectives in my way of thinking about the English Legal System.

College gave me an invaluable opportunity to gain an insight into case studies of Contract Law, which I found to be rather interesting. The one case that will forever be in my mind is the Donoghue v Stevenson case, I recall being taught about this case and the fascination I experienced whilst having a debate on who's lap the duty of care fell upon to, Because of this I still enjoy reading about such cases today.

Learning about the English Legal system at college made me even more determined to follow this type of career because I found it very interesting and it always gave me something to think about once I had left class.

At the moment I am currently studying towards gaining an Access to HE Diploma, including studying Psychology and Criminology at a Level 3 standard.

Studying Criminology gives me more of an understanding of crime, which I believe will help me in my chosen future and continue to help me build upon my knowledge of this subject and assist me in developing the qualities I feel I already have, which would make me very successful in this profession.

At High school I was given the honour of becoming a prefect in which I gained good time management skills and opportunities to help fellow pupils in their education. I enjoyed taking part in study groups and social activities such as music groups and reading classes.

Later in life, once I started college I became a proud member of the debate team. I would class myself as an avid reader of a wide selection of books ranging from general fiction, through to educational books. In my spare time I enjoy the usual hobbies of socialising with friends and college class mates and given the opportunity I take delight partaking in an afternoon spent at my local Magistrates court. Doing this keeps my mind active over court situations and gives me the chance to see Solicitors and Magistrates in action.

Since leaving education I've been employed as a Customer Service Assistant which I believe has enhanced my people skills. I deal with a wide range of jobs, from dealing with complaints to basic customer service.

I've also been attending Night College in order to carry on my education studying Psychology and Criminology, which I believe shows my commitment to wanting to improve myself and get myself onto a Law Degree. I know I've worked very hard to get where I am now and would be more than grateful if I was granted the opportunity to further myself and get to the pace I feel I belong to be in life.

My goal within life is to achieve a high standard of degree in order to excel in my chosen career path, may this be solicitor or even if I am lucky enough, a barrister. I know I have the skills, Drive and passion to succeed I just need the opportunity.

I fully believe that my succeeding in this law degree will open so many doors for my future and eventually get me to where I deserve to be in life.

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