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LOR, Chinese Studies Program, Italian

To Whom IT May Concern,

I have known XXXX as an undergraduate student (BA) at the University of XXXX, Italy, between 2011 and 2012, before she won the scholarship to study at the University of XXXX in China (PRC), where she distinguished herself in her commitment to fully embracing Chinese language and culture as her own.

XXXX is a very diligent student, she followed our Chinese courses with dedication and outstanding results and she was always accurate and reliable in her assignment. She always displayed a genuine passion for typological linguistics and cross-linguistics analysis, also with reference to Altaic languages, thanks to the studies she carried out during her Erasmus experience at the University of XXXX in Turkey.

She is a highly motivated student and because she is very friendly and outgoing, she has always been very popular among her professors. I believe that your renowned Chinese Studies Programme at the University of XXXX would be an ideal setting for her enormous ability in Chinese to blossom. I am certain that she would be an asset to your program by helping others along whose language ability is not as advanced as that of Alice. I could not recommend her more highly.


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