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LOR Graduate School, MPA Leadership

To Whom It May Concern,

As the principal of a school to which XXXX has made many very important contributions, it gives me great pleasure to recommend him for admission to your distinguished MPA Leadership Program at XXXX University.

I met XXXX one day when I walked into his mother’s 5th grade bilingual program. I have been serving as a School Principal of the XXXX Elementary School in Parlier, CA for the past 13 years. My husband, Mr. XXXX, is the Vice Superintendent of our school district. Both of us are extremely proud of this bilingual program that has now been going on for 13 years at XXXX Elementary, in fact, we like to think of it as one of the flagship programs in our country. XXXX helped to inspire everyone as our 6th grade soccer coach. XXXX was with us from 2005, giving us his last year of High School and his next two years, having the opportunity to work extensively with bilingual teachers, translating tests and acting as a liaison with the Spanish-speaking community.

Despite the fact that XXXX was born in the United States, he tends to think of himself first and foremost as a Mexican man. This speaks to his deep sense of moral, spiritual, cultural, and even political integrity, a profound sense of rootedness in and connectedness to his origins and community, coupled to an equally profound ethic of social service. This is particularly true with respect to our marginalized communities here in California. Cesar Chavez, our farm-worker union hero, is probably the foremost Latino hero in our state. He is the foremost living embodiment of our school’s mission to lift up if not our brother, than at least his children.

What California has lost North Carolina has gained. Yet, our struggle is of course ultimately one and this is especially true of the Latino struggle in America. I anticipate that XXXX will, within time, achieve some notoriety on a national level as a leader in the Latino community. He is the kind of young man who has the heart, energy, and drive to build an extremely successful NGO. I would not at all be surprised to see him succeed in politics as he has charm and charisma that match his sensitivity and compassion.

Please let me know if you can benefit from any further insights into XXXX’s experience and character. I know he will excel in graduate school.


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