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Sample LOR, Letter of Recommendation Residency



 Re: Dr. XXXX’s Recommendation Letter                                        

 Dear Program Director,

Please accept this as a strong letter of recommendation in support of Dr XXXX’s scholastics and personal attributes. She is a recent graduate of SRTR Medical College’s Clinical & Anatomic Pathology Residency Program in Ambajogai, India. I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. XXXX well over the course of her three years of participation in our program, in my role as an Associate Professor.

 XXXX is one of the most outstanding residents that I have seen in my career, very highly goal oriented. Although she is by nature very humble and polite, throughout the course of her residency training, I was pleased to see her gain increasing confidence and evolve into a highly competent, versatile professional who is able to work most effectively both on her own and as part of a team. During her residency, she learned a great deal from many of the distinguished professors in our department, developing and cultivating an excellent rapport with all of her professors, senior colleagues, and the entire staff in the department, especially because of her sincerity and respectful nature.

She established a solid reputation as an excellent presenter and teacher with outstanding communication & presentation skills, throughout multiple seminars, and presentations of journal articles. She is especially good at making a logical and systematic presentation of her research and quickly convinces her colleagues with her articulate and flawless knowledge of her field. She was always very eager to tackle new and complex topics for her presentations, such as her research on hematology that she presented at a national-level conference.

 Dr XXXX has proven to be a hard worker who carried out all her duties both punctually and cheerfully. She has a profound dedication to research and was especially instrumental in helping us with two most challenging case reports: “Rhabdomyosarcoma of Testis” and "ITP with Wilm’s Tumor.” I consider her to be a most highly motivated physician with an especially well developed understanding of professional ethics. Thus, I feel privileged by the opportunity to write this letter of support on her behalf.

 I am convinced that Dr. XXXX would prove to be a most valuable asset to any institution of higher learning. And I am sure certain that any faculty would be as delighted as we have been to have such an excellent student. I wish her all the best for her future and I assure you that she will prove herself as a genius if her candidacy to your institution is accepted. I highly recommend her for your Residency Program.



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