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MD Medical School, Caribbean

XXXX University is my first choice for medical school because I am very attracted to the idea of taking a break from mainstream America and living on a beautiful Caribbean island, some where with low stress levels, achieving and sustaining optimal focus on my studies. I seek a medical education that is as focused as possible on patient-centered care. I see the Medical Program at XXXX as exemplary with respect to hands-on medical education and as setting an important example to the rest of the world. I am keen to study under professors who are dedicated to serving students as mentors and committed to our success. I am an extremely hard working young man and I am very proud of my disposition for working long hours. I am tenacious like a bull-dog and highly motivated. I know that medical school requires great discipline and I have long been building myself up for the task. I have professional experience in several nursing homes where I have worked as a volunteer. And this has been my greatest joy in life, giving full vent to my profound need to care for others, especially older people, and to show my love and respect for them by providing them with very high quality care.

I am proud of being Palestinian. We are a long suffering people and we find nobility through resistance to suffering. Often, when one's people suffers so terribly in one's country of origin, this serves to inspire many of us to dedicate ourselves even more fully to working with those who suffer. I would love to return to Palestine some day and help them in the development of more effective medical services. For me, becoming a physician represents the best or highest level of self-contentment that I might find. Because of the thoroughgoing nature of the responsibility of a physician, the inner self of a person like me is most optimally fulfilled. Being a physician is what will most fill my days with joy and make me happy. My father is a physician and he inspired me to carry on a noble tradition. My father's dignity and happiness has been profound and I also want this kind of contentment and sense of fulfillment.

I have a special interest in and focus on the family and I see this as a fundamental pillar of my future service as a medical doctor. I hope to maintain this special focus on the importance of family throughout my medical education and experience. I also hope to have the profound privilege to contribute to the diversity of your program and at some point in my career I look forward to using my speaking and reading capacity in Arabic to professional ends. I have long been involved in the day-to-day management affairs of my father's psychiatry office, and this experience, along with my work in nursing homes, has left an indelible impression on me and my hope for the future. I found a special sense of purpose in nursing homes as I was making my rounds: concrete and critically important contributions to people's lives in the most direct and effective ways possible. It has been in nursing homes that I have more fully learned the vast human rewards of service.

In addition to being well-read, I have also traveled widely: Egypt, Dubai, Palestine, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, and I lived in Amman, Jordan my freshman year in high school. As a result, I am someone who has a deep and abiding appreciation for multi-cultural association and I look forward to taking part with other medical students in the joys of sharing experiences and comparing notes as we struggle together to prepare ourselves for service in our respective countries or cultural contexts. This is one of the reasons why I think that I am an especially good candidate for a medical program in the Caribbean, because of my deep sense of appreciation and my profound interest in the Developing World.

A state-of-the-art medical education such as that afforded by XXXX Medical School, will fully prepare me for making the greatest possible contribution that I can to help other people to live more fully, and to extend the level of quality of their lives in the fullest sense of the term, serving as a watchman over the well being of families from the youngest to oldest members. I ask you for the opportunity to learn to practice medicine in the 21st century and to acquire the judgment and confidence necessary to become an especially competent physician. I especially look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your active practice of research, contributing to the march of science and the artful practice of medicine at XXXX.

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