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Medical School, Chiropractic

My path to and fascination with Chiropractic medicine began in the most unlikely of places, namely the football field of my high school. As a football player, the physicality of the sport was a playful extension of what I would later come to enjoy in my work, namely kinesthetic work, and hands-on experiences that became a way of life for me. I learned that I had a natural ability, a gentler hand when needed, one extended in caring, with the strongest of desires to heal. I learned early on the benefits and sheer joy of a healthy lifestyle, from eating right, to proper levels of exercise. Chiropractic medicine would provide me with the balance that I seek in my professional work, the holistic balance and approach to the patient, with a complete understanding of physiology with a constant eye towards preventative care.

Earning my doctorate and board certification will enable me to bring my ambitions, goals my dreams to reality. Upon building my exposure in the field through helping individuals with physical limitations, I aim to bring my successes to private practice and use them as a jumping off point for sustainable contributions to the community. It is my strongest belief that a health community is a healthy family. Our approach to healthcare can be made that much more effective through strategic coordination of volunteerism in the form of outreach, and thus the healthcare profession can then go on to increase the quality of service, even on greater levels than before, all the way up to the national level.

I bring with me to the medical program a solid academic foundation in undergraduate Health Science coupled with 90 credits of pre-med courses, and grounding in Biological Science combined with research assistant experiences. In the field, I have maintained half a decade of conceptual continuity, a commitment to EMT and Family Medicine assistant work, work that has practiced and solidified a great deal of my clinical acumen, and left me eager to learn that much more, and contribute on a larger scale than ever before. Earning my MD is more than a logical choice for my career, it is a natural one given my sensibilities and heartfelt desire to serve, learn and bring about positive outcomes for all of my patients.

Moreover, I have actively sought out and procured volunteer experiences in nursing homes that have brought me into direct contact with seniors, an appreciation for their assorted needs and the caring working environment. What is more, the work increased my maturity, sense of responsibility, confidence, self-efficacy and interpersonal communication skills within a task-oriented environment. Further proof of my desire for lifelong learning can be found in my having earned EMT certification post-high school, immersing myself in many aspects of first-responder and emergency care.

The US healthcare system is only increasing its representation of diverse patients. I am not only fluent in Spanish, but also the Hispanic American experience, and feel I would be particularly sensitive to our Hispanic/Latino patients unique needs. In the most practical terms, I will be able to reach out to my Latino and Hispanic patients in their arterial language, increasing the accuracy of treatment, reducing error and increasing my patients sense of importance and relevance in the healing process.

Palmer College stood out to me from the background noise of other schools and chiropractic programs. Here was not just the finest, but also the first chiropractic college ever in the history of the world. From this school, all other chiropractic programs were established by Palmer alumni. I would consider it a privilege and an honor to be able to trace the lineage of my training back to the very first Palmer graduating class. Moreover, the breadth, autonomy and relevance of the curriculum struck me as being the finest I could possibly be involved in, delivered by faculty that I truly want to learn from and emulate.Thank you for your time and consideration.

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