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Osteopathic Med School Application, Vietnamese

My application to medical school is probably most unique because of the fact that I am already a practicing pharmacist with extensive experience, ever since earning my PharmD with honors. The reason why I seek a career change at this point is because I hunger to care for patients directly, rather than only through their medication. I want to diagnose conditions, not just respond to the diagnoses of others. A problem solver, I love to figure out what is medically wrong with a patient and I want to be the one who orders the labs and imaging studies so as to develop a treatment plan and oversee it. I want to be fully responsible for my patients, not just their medication.

Medicine offers a more in-depth study of the human body, physiology, and disease and learning is my foremost, lifelong passion.  Thus, becoming a doctor is my central professional goal in life at this stage. I admire the way in which the excellent physician uses both her mind and her heart to heal her patients. Thinking on her feet, level headed at all times, calm even under stress—the doctor must be a master at multitasking, guiding the team—always from a patient-centered perspective. The heart is central to the equation, inspiring the confidence that is engendered by authentic compassion and devotion to the healing process. Practicing medicine appeals to my nature and character, someone who loves reading books to children, arranging flowers for the church, and preparing food and serving meals at soup kitchens.

Looking forward to a lifetime of building and nurturing professional relationships of trust with numerous professionals, most of all I look forward to serving as the patient’s advocate and it is here where I will find my greatest joy. I also look forward to intensive participation in volunteer activities for the long term with special attention to the medically underserved, hopefully including annual medical missions to the Developing World at some point, especially for helping in the wake of disasters.

My parents brought me to America from Vietnam while I was still a child and life was a great struggle for them to raise their children and provide them with an adequate education, primarily because they both had to work numerous jobs throughout their lives to pay the bills. Thus, being accepted to osteopathic medical school will be a tribute to their struggle and triumph as well as mine. I was born in Saigon and my father who was a soldier in the South Vietnamese Army. When the Communists took over they not only imprisoned my father but would not even allow my mother to work legally because of my father's status as a political prisoner; so she had to work very far away from home often in other provinces where no one knew of her husband's status. I was generally left with my grandmother and relatives and shuffled from one home to another, constantly looking over our shoulders in fear of the Communists. Food was scarce and the basic amenities that I take for granted today were generally absent, a bed, table, chair, blankets, even clothes were difficult to come by.

Nevertheless, these difficulties ultimately resulted in the opportunities that I enjoy today. of early For me, life must have a meaning and pain must have a purpose in order for joy to have a voice and for dreams to come true. Starting from scratch in the USA in 1997—I came to America at 5 years old with no English ability at all; my parents worked around the clock as cooks and dishwashers. However, I love learning and I understood the importance of seeking higher education; so I worked while I was in school to help my parents.

While earning my BS in Biology at XXXX, I became deeply involved in and passionate about cancer research and enamored with the spirit of teamwork in our lab; how scientists depend upon one another to succeed. I completed a Senior Honor Thesis on lunasin, a chemo preventive protein extracted from soybean and presented my findings at XXXX's Research Honors Symposium in April of 2003. These days, I have become devoted to the osteopathic philosophy of treating the patient as a whole, mind, body, and spirit and building strong clinician-patient relationships, taking time to interview and consult with patients. I am also very much favorably impressed with osteopathic manipulation therapy (OMT).

I want to correct the kinks in the spine or joints of my patients and relieve pressure or tension on the muscles that result in back or neck pain. OMT is an excellent way to alleviate pain without or in addition to medication with no side effects. I believe in OMT and want to practice it. This is why I registered and participated in the National XXXX Week and have just recently shadowed an osteopathic physician for six months.

You will have many other applicants who have higher MCAT scores than I do. I ask for special consideration in this regard in light of the fact that my scores suffered as a result of my professional responsibilities not only as a pharmacist but also a wife, mother, and daughter of aging parents who I take care of in addition to my other responsibilities. I look forward to leaving pharmacy upon entrance to medical school so as to devote myself completely to my studies. I thank you for consideration of my application.

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