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Master’s Information Systems, Saudi Arabian

I am a young Saudi Arabian who is very devoted to the study of management information systems and I finished my undergraduate studies in this area last year, April of 2013. I seek a total immersion in the study of technology advances and their rapid applications because they have a most significant impact on human life.

I have been in the United States for some time now working on my English intensively, full time, working very hard to bring my English communication skills up to the point where I will be able to excel in your distinguished and competitive program at XXXX University.

I am currently studying in an intensive English immersion program at XXXX University and preparing to take the GRE and IELTS examinations. When I am not engaged directly with learning English, I continue to stay abreast of developments in the areas that are closest to my heart and in which I hope to distinguish myself in the future: data mining, decision making, and health informatics.

I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies have prepared me well for your rigorous program. My first semester was challenging for me while I was adapting from high school to college courses. While my first semester grades were low, I rapidly improved I decided that in order for me to reach the academic goals that I had set, I needed to come up with a plan of action. This included being more attentive in class, working harder, and studying at the library where I could escape distractions. Most of all, however, I think that my grades improved dramatically because of my sheer passion for my major. By the time that I graduated I was ranked in the top 2% of my class.

I learned a great deal throughout the course of my undergraduate studies, everything from business and operations management to computer languages and programs, becoming highly proficient in SQL language and c++ , Data Structure, and OOP.  For me the most fascinating course of all was Database Systems; it taught me the importance of data organization, SQL and new techniques to manipulate data. I discovered that not only was the syllabus interesting, but I was excited about the problem solving techniques that we used during our group sessions. The hands on experience when visiting a company in our city and applying what we had learned towards creating a database for them were very exciting.  It was very helpful that our teacher would meet with us after class for discussions and answer any questions that we had.

As soon as I graduated I was passionate to start working and to do something with my life so I decided to build my own business, which turned out to be one of the most challenging undertakings of my life. I spent 16 hour days for some time building a food service business catering to our university cafeteria. I began with only one employee and we soon found ourselves serving 1000 students a day. I built a web website for the teachers so that they could order from up do date menu and get their order delivered to their office or pick it up. They would choose the item with the time of delivery and notification will appear on my phone and they will pay when they receive their order. I enjoy very much using technology to improve business and to stay ahead of the competition.

Having the support from my family and pushing myself to the limit paid off and building a business by doing everything myself from janitor to public relations and accounting, was a very valuable experience which I feel has helped to prepare me for graduate school. My business venture has taught me pragmatism and realism and helped me to further appreciate the importance of focusing on what works, and what does not.  I have learned to think independently and to follow my dreams. I handle stress very well and multitask with ever greater efficiency, driven by the confidence that I have cultivated in myself and my ability.

After my food service business was up and running, I accepted a position as IT support and maintenance supervisor at a high school where I also soon began working as a Lab Instructor. I also began working part time as a Database Developer at the Alaqssa Computer Center. I was always eager to learn new aspects of developing database solutions; I started with, Java, Oracle, C # and SQL Server. I first heard about DM from my teacher when my colleagues and I were developing special database software for the Workforce Ministry in my city. I did a presentation to show my partners how DM could be useful for their software, especially for sharing job opportunities with appropriate government institutions around the city. I was ecstatic that I had learned a new method to utilize data more effectively. 

My last professional position before leaving Saudi Arabia for the USA was working as a programmer system analyst at the Royal Commission Medical Center in my city, XXXX. I especially enjoyed working with so many people from different culture backgrounds in this position and I have come to better understand the importance of fully embracing and celebrating diversity as information system developers. I very much enjoy the team work aspect of computing technologies and served as part of a team, for example, designing and implementing blood donation systems which connected the demand with the supply and make it easier to distribute the blood based on hospital demands, saving time and money. We also developed a system for pharmacies so that they could medicine could be prescribed electronically.  This experience in the development of pharmacy prescription systems, in particular, helped me to better appreciate the enormous opportunities that exist for greater leverage and development in information technology so as to improve the efficiency of our health care systems. I deeply enjoy every aspect of our work, from the initial analysis and find out what we need and what are we missing. Earning a  Master’s Degree is now the logical next step for me, especially since I have had a full scholarship from my government to complete not only a Master’s Degree but to also study on for the PHD.

I chose the field of information system development because I find it fascinating, challenging, and I am excited by the high-demand for well trained people in our field, as well as the enormous contribution that one has the opportunity to make to human organization and development, socially as well as economically. I find this to be particularly true with respect to my home country of Saudi Arabia where there is great demand for well-trained people in IS in both private and government sectors, including academia. I have a strong belief that I could achieve something unique in my country in the area of health informatics; particularly in light of the great need that exists to update our systems in our hospitals.

Your MS Program in Information Systems at XXXX University if my first choice for graduate studies and I hope to register for the fall of 2015. I am most impressed by the stellar reputation of your university and the way that it is recognized as a major center of information system development. I believe that I have the very high level of motivation and preparation that it takes to succeed in your program, particularly because of the way that I am driven by intellectual curiosity and my latest work experience at the hospital level. XXXX University is the optimal platform for my professional advancement so that I will be able to spend a professional lifetime on the cutting edge of our most recent technological developments and succeed as a leader in our highly competitive environment. I am also looking forward to achieving certification in information security and preparing for the CCNP.

I also developed professionally as a result of my volunteer experience working in the area of medical research information with SAMRF. I will always seek to be a socially responsible professional. I have also worked as a volunteer in my local community delivering clothes, food, and toys to need children and their families.

As a result of earning the Master’s Degree at XXXX University, I hope to achieve my professional career objectives and academic goals and to develop an excellent research base upon which to excel later on as a PHD student in the area of information systems and health informatics. I look forward to teaching at some point in my career.

Graduating from XXU will ultimately enable me to help my country to develop in the area of information sciences. I hope to benefit from additional professional as well as academic experience in the USA before returning to Saudi Arabia so as to make sure that I have adequate tools and the experience that I will need to make my maximum contribution when I return home. I hope to eventually make my mark in life in the area of online education; I am especially attracted to this area in terms of social justice issues, access, equality of opportunity, etc. I believe that dreams are always achievable with a lot of hard work along with great commitment.

I am very much looking forward to university life in the USA and the opportunity to meet new people from so many different cultural back grounds. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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