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MSc MIS Information Systems Administration UK

I very much hope to attend the very best school in the United Kingdom. I am convinced that I can reach my fullest potential at XXXX and fulfill my dream of making a significant contribution to the ongoing technological development of my country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

I was born and raised in the UAE, a wonderful country that has given me everything that I need to be happy and comfortable in life. Living in peace, safety, and freedom with broad access to free education and health services; this has instilled in me a dream to serve others out of an enormous sense of gratitude. I am convinced that acquiring the highest quality of education possible at XXXX will best prepare me to become as creative and productive as possible, best able to make important contributions to my country and the world. The UAE is an economic powerhouse and I look forward with relish to a long and highly diligent professional future on the cutting edge of business developments in the Middle East; and, most importantly, developing more extensive business ties between the Middle East and Western economies.

I am exemplary of the great value that is placed on education in the UAE. In fact, all Emarati citizens are instilled with a philosophy of high achievement and uncompromising commitment to excellence. In high school, I was one of a handful of young people recognized as excellent students and we received this award from the hands of XXXX, head of the General Women's Union and wife of our nation´s founding father.

After graduating with honors from XXXX High School in Abu Dhabi, I enrolled as an Information Technology major at XXXX University. I chose to focus on network technologies because my brain now functions like the Internet. In fact, I see the UAE mostly in cyberspace. Everything depends on the Net; no one can live without it since it connects us to the world. This is what makes my career so extremely exciting. Throughout my time at XXXX University, I have been active in volunteer projects and extracurricular activities. And as a result of my perseverance and profound dedication to my studies, I will soon be graduating with excellent grades, receiving my B.S. this coming June, 2008. I have become a deeply passionate learner and increasingly determined to see my education through to the Ph.D. Degree. A Masters Degree at XXXX is the best cornerstone upon which to build a solid future and prepare me for a doctoral program.

While studying at XXXX University, I have worked as an IT tutor, orienting and instructing incoming students on the usage of university technology and the applications that could be most useful to them. As a certified system administrator and developer, I have acquired a broad base of experience in IT systems. Currently, I am completing a professional IT internship at XXXX, a division of the XXXX Company. This has been an exciting experience, providing me with hands-on experience in dealing with numerous, complex issues surrounding the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Due to the efforts of this transnational company, the UAE is poised to soon have an entirely new telephone system. After completing my Master's Degree at XXXX, I envision myself returning to work for this same company, or a similar high profile company operating in the UAE. I look forward with keen anticipation to applying the knowledge that I will acquire at XXXX to systems design, analysis, and management.

I am generally characterized by my associates—friends, teachers, and colleagues as very dependable, punctual, and efficient. I get along well with people from many walks of life. I am a creative and resourceful person who aspires towards acquiring an ever higher level of knowledge in order to continue to better myself both personally and professionally. My principal inspiration has been our prophet Mohammed who said that we should seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. One of the reasons I am especially looking forward to studying at XXXX is because it is the school that is best known for promoting cultural diversity among students and faculty. Having had the privilege of visiting XXXX, I know that it is located in a very interesting city that will provide me with many opportunities both personally and professionally. I have always enjoyed traveling, discovering new cultures, and making friends who have taught me to more fully appreciate cultural diversity. I have traveled to Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United States, Britain, and Bulgaria. I will bring excellent communication skills in Arabic/English translation in the areas most relevant to Information Systems to your program and look forward to extensive and profitable interchanges with colleagues and instructors.

Other reason that I have chosen XXXX is its balanced approach between management and development, especially as applied to the field of information systems. Your program represents the opportunity to probe such a broad variety of critically important aspects of IT development within international and governmental organizations. At XXXX, I will gain comprehensive practical knowledge that will enable me to return to my country on the cutting edge of IT developments. I am convinced that XXXX’s focus on research-led teaching will help me to remain at the forefront of theory and practice in my field. Being accepted to your program is the central, most critical factor for my professional An success and for my ability to make profound contributions to the advancement of IT development in my beloved country.

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