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Masters PA Physician Assistant, ER

Your program is my first choice for graduate school because of its excellence and the fact that I would not be so for away from my family in Michigan. I feel strongly that my BS Degree has adequately prepared me academically for the rigors of your program, especially since I have spent much of my free time reading a broad range of literature related to medical professions and especially the role of the Physician Assistant. As a woman with parents from the Middle East, I look forward to contributing to the ethnic diversity of your program.

Especially interested in doing research in the areas of health care and diseases that are related to insufficient, inadequate, or unbalanced nutrition, I hope to contribute to the literature in the future by pursuing a special interest in providing service to the medically underserved. I see my ideal job as working in an Emergency Room hospital, and I am also open to utilizing my skills at some point in the future, on an international level as someone who is completely fluent in Arabic, both written and spoken. I have been to Syria, for example, and was most impressed by the desperate need for medical care in the land of my family origin.

I have prepared myself professional by working as a volunteer at homeless shelters and with food drives, as a Patient Representative in ER, and a Nutrition Manager and patient educator. While some applicants undoubtedly have a higher cumulative GPA than my own, I had to work throughout college in order to support myself, as well as caring for five young nieces and nephews who had lost their mother.

In a world at war I am also becoming increasingly convinced that my capacity as a medical professional who is fluent in Arabic might prove to be of special benefit to the victims of political violence, in ways that I am not yet able to foresee. I am searching for the courage to reach out in this area and look forward to the guidance and insights that I would receive in your program.


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