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Since I became a student pilot, flying has helped to better prepare me for medical emergencies as well as refining my ability to always stay cool and achieve efficiency through optimal communication. My first solo flight required immense preparation, which my father, a pilot of twenty-two years, was proud to provide.  Long before that exhilarating day, he took me on my first flight when I was only a few weeks old.  Seventeen years later, I was finally ready to pilot the plane on my own.  I am especially pleased with this achievement because I look forward to flying regularly throughout my graduate study towards the PA Degree and beyond, through decades of service on the front lines of health care.

 Among the many factors that contributed to my growing dedication to dedicate my life to medicine as a PA, was the day that I took my grandmother to the doctor, shortly after completing my first year of college. Dr. XXXX was one of the few clinicians who could speak to her in Persian.   During the appointment, I noticed how happy she was to have a physician who could speak her native language and make her feel at ease.  My grandmother’s grateful smile made me realize that I wanted to make a similar impact on the lives of others.  At the end of the appointment, I immediately called my parents to let them know of my discovery.  I was thrilled to finally know what I wanted to do with my life.  By becoming a health care professional with an advanced degree would have numerous daily opportunities to inspire my patients just as Dr. Badihian and done for my grandmother that day. I hope to use my Persian professionally as well, and to also dedicate enormous effort to learning Spanish.

 From then on, I focused most of my time and energy on preparing for your program and I have been on the Dean’s Honor’s List ever since. I am hungry for any chance to learn more about the medical field. I have honed my clinical skills by shadowing physicians, working as a scribe in an Emergency Department, and volunteering at a hospital.  I recognize and have enormous respect for a physician’s ability to heal his patient’s physical and emotional wounds.  

 By working as a team member with a critically important role, I can help to heal people’s bodies; by using respect, I can heal their souls. As I completed my prerequisite courses, I began to envision what I wanted my practice to be. Thus, I decided to perfect my fluency in Persian (Farsi), which would allow me to give back to the community that has continually nurtured my personal and professional success over the years.  For many years now, people that I barely know in the immigrant Iranian community in the western USA have been willing to help me, simply because of our similar cultural roots.  In this same way, I look forward to helping our growing community of Iranian-Americans, especially in southern California.

 I have decided to combine my passion for flying with my determination to become the very best PA that I can.  As a licensed pilot, I will have the opportunity to travel wherever my services are needed.  Thus, after completing your program, I would like very much to lend my skills to an organization such as Angel Flight West, which transports doctors and patients during times of crisis and despair.  By becoming an Angel in the Cockpit, I could bring essential medical services to the furthest corners of the globe, to reach those who would otherwise not be served. 

I want to be a part of spreading hope and optimism beyond the borders of my own community. I have few regrets in life.  Every person that I have met and every experience I have pursued has made me a stronger and better person with greater confidence to pursue my dreams.  I am grateful to those who have supported me on my journey, including my loving parents, who are my lifetime cheerleaders, friends, and heroes.  My hand is on the throttle, and I am ready to fly.

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