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MS, Chinese, Statistics for Technological Advancement

Born and raised in China and coming to the USA at the age of 19 to attend university, I have now been here for 3 years. Throughout the course of my education, I have increasingly fallen in love with the field of Statistics and it is in this area that I hope very much to earn my Master’s Degree at the University of XXXX, where I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies. I feel strongly that I would be able to best excel at UX since I already have an establish support base and network here and I love UX very much.  I have chosen to give my professional life to the advancement of Statistics because I see it as ultimately a humanitarian enterprise; since the more we are able to master statistics, harnessing its power for the purposes of technological advancement, the more our world will be able to prosper and develop in peach and harmony. The greatest possible contribution I can make, as I see it, is to use statistics ultimately to help ordinary people.

While serving for months as a volunteer teacher in both China and Thailand, I came to a much fuller realization of how so many people are much less fortunate than I am. These teaching experiences left me highly motivated to give my all to the advancement of the cause of education, which I see as the best solution to the problem of inequalities. If given an opportunity to complete your especially distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Statistics at UX, I will be able to realize my central professional goal of the fullest possible engagement with research in the area of big data, putting my skills to use on behalf of the non-profit, humanitarian organizations.  I am also especially passionate about statistical applications in the social sciences and with respect to social and humanitarian issues. It is because of these interests that my foremost intellectual role model at the University of Michigan is Professor XXXX, who uses statistical applications to analyze how to motivate more people to donate money to relief efforts for the poor. Most specifically, I hope to study in-depth the statistical applications that are being designed for the advancement of public health in developing countries.

I have contributed to several research projects as an undergraduate and currently I am heavily engaged in the study of deep learning mindset, analyzing data using Python. I spent two years studying Management and Economics and this coming May of 2018 I will graduate from UX as a triple major in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics. During my junior year, I realized the limitation of simple machine learning algorithms and became interested in the concept of deep learning and neural networks, under the guidance of professor Ji Zhu, learning to classify data sets to detect picture patterns. Analyzing the real estate market in the US since the beginning of 2016, I used random forest imputation to deal with huge amounts of missing data and fit generalized linear models to test for association between sale prices and house features. I used deep learning mindset to predict the log error of Zestimate (a widely used estimated market value for an individual home) and the actual sale price. I also spent countless hours immersed in the Chinese stock market crisis of 2015, contributing to an analysis of stock data from ETF 50, and clustering on time series data to pinpoint abnormal company behaviors during the crisis. This study has been submitted to the Journal of Behavioral Finance and I am listed as one of the co-authors.

I have experience in R, SQL, Python, MatLab and Stata. In addition, I am familiar with C, C++ and Mathematica. I am also currently learning SAS. My previous research compels me to continue towards my goal of becoming a professional research investigator. Thank you for considering my application to Statistics at the University of XXXX.

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