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MA Translation, Interpretation, Intl Studies, Chinese

Your especially distinguished MA Program in Translation and Interpretation at the XXXX Institute of International Studies at XXXX (XXXX) is my first choice for graduate school primarily because of of my profound admiration for the breadth and depth of your curriculum, focusing not just on Translation but Interpretation as well. I hope to earn my degree from the XXXX because it is so very highly ranked near the top among programs of its kind. It is not the most convenient location for me but I am ready to move because I so very much want to become a part of your especially dynamic, intercultural and multilingual, academic environment and to participate in your extensive and admirable celebration of diversity.

Building on my education in International Business with the completion of my undergraduate studies this coming December, 2015, I hope to make my professional mark in life as a conference interpreter, researching and publishing on the cutting edge of conference interpretation and translation challenges and innovations. I am also receiving course credit for completing an internship with the XXXX Company for whom I translate a broad variety of business documents back and forth from English to Chinese. I am also responsible for the translation of internal communications between XXXX's headquarter (in Changsha, Hunan, China) and its overseas subsidiaries and other permanent offices such as XXXX-Russia and Zoomlion-Belarus. Strong in the areas of business, economics, and international law, I hope to make important contributions to class discussions in your program in a variety of areas.

I have distinguished myself as a volunteer since community service is one of the pillars of my professional work and community ethic. I continue to volunteer my time at Twin Pines Adult Care Center and I also help disadvantaged Chinese children, teaching them English, Chinese and Music from grades 1-12 during summer and winter breaks. Born and raised in China until the age of 16, I have now been in America for 6 years, long enough to bring my English up to near-native standards and I am most interested in the interplay between these two languages. I seek to make my professional mark in the area of professional Mandarin/English interpretation and I see the XXXX as the finest of all possible springboards, in order to inspire and empower me to realize my fullest creative potential.

I am especially excited about the prospect of studying under Professor XXXX, whose writings in the area of translation and interpretation have been of central importance to my own intellectual development in this area, also helping to inspire my application to your program.  As a result of a great deal of study of the subject, reading Dr. XXXX and other leaders in our field, I am quite ready and enthused about the prospect of the fullest immersion experience possible and making contributions to the Chinese wing of our career, discipline, and professional organization. I want to help individuals and organizations with cross-cultural communication, solving problems and standing up to global challenges for many decades to come, translating and interpreting. I look forward to acting as a mediator between cultures and languages with an increasingly refined and cultivated ability to produce sustainable and equitable solutions to global business challenges. I seek to distinguish myself most of all in the non-profit sphere, and to help the weak and the voiceless to achieve expression and attention. My dream job would be to work for the UN, EU or other world organizations as a conference interpreter and coordinator.

I thank you for considering my application to your especially distinguished program.

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