Jessie Maguire from England, the United Kingdom (, accepts payments on my behalf as my business partner. She is a content writer for my web sites, our resume/CV expert, and also my son's teacher, so we share much of my income. I am limited in how much money I can import here to Bolivia where we live, so it is helpful to me that many of my clients make their payments directly to Jessie. I appreciate it very much.

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For as many applicants as possible, I draft the first part of your Statement completely free of charge to promote my service. More than half of these applicants decide to commission me to finish drafting the entire statement. This is how I support myself and my only child Davy Dylan, laying a little something aside for his future.

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US$499.00 VIP Rush, 24 Hour Service; Leave Message: USA (1) 812-675-4812

I live in Bolivia because my only child/family is Bolivian. Bolivia is isolated from the rest of the Americas by its retrograde banking system and political dictatorship. It is a difficult place to live for many reasons. One limitation that I have is how much money I am able to import into the country. For this reason, I ask some of my clients to make their payments directly to my closest associate, Jessie Maguire, a young lady from England who has also made Bolivia her home. She is my son’s English Teacher and also a content writer for my web sites and it works out much better for both of us if some of my clients make their payments directly to her. She has a Paypal account in the UK and if you want me to finish your statement I ask you to do me the special favor of making your payment directly to Jessie by using one of the Paypal Buy Now buttons on the following page of my web site:

I help as many people as I can free of charge, by drafting a model first paragraph on their behalf. In many if not most cases, I also offer to finish the document on their behalf at this price. I am limited in how many clients I am able to assist primarily by the fact that I have half custody of my baby boy Davy, every 24 hours he is mine for 24 hours, and he does not let me work unless he is asleep. This is also why it sometimes takes me about three days to finish your statement once you have made your payment. In short, I only offer to draft complete statements for people whose story excites me, people who I feel strongly are in a unique position to give something of importance to their respective professions. And I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf.

I particularly enjoy working on behalf of those clients whose stated long term goals represent a significant contribution to the progressive enrichment of humanity, particularly with respect to the Developing World, where I live with my only child Davy, and the cause to which I 

dedicated my life.

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send resume/CV & rough draft to

An old wise man and creative writer,  I draft a model first paragraph for your Statement free of charge to promote my service:  Many of my clients Add Me as a Contact! on Skype. ID: DrRobertEdinger so that we can chat. Please note that I am not usually able to talk and I need your information in text form. I live on a mountaintop overlooking Cochabamba, Bolivia, the exact center of South America, with my only child David. We live here primarily because his mother lives down in the valley and we share custody.

I appreciate that you trust me to do a good job finishing your statement. I trust you as well to recommend me to your friends and colleagues if you are very pleased with your statement. 

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