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MS Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Vietnamese

I ask for admission to study towards the MS Degree in Accountancy at XXXX University of Minnesota for the simple reason that after an exhaustive investigation of available online programs, I have come to the conclusion that your Master’s Program in Accountancy is the best of its kind in the world, with both the greatest depth and breadth available in your curriculum. I also very much appreciate what I see as your unequalled finesse and function of your online presentation. I now have the experience—in a variety of areas interrelated with accountancy--that will help to propel me to excellence in your program. Now 42, I came to the United States from my native Vietnam at the age of 17. Especially since graduating from college, I have acquired constant professional experience with increasing responsibility in a broad variety of business areas; and it is this diversity of interest and experience that I see as probably my greatest strength. My core experience is in accounting and my greatest talents lie in the areas of everything that is related to bookkeeping.

There is one great weakness to my application, my GPA. I ask for special exception in this regard because the D’s and F’s that destroyed my GPA were in my first year of studies, when I still had a limited grasp of English, given the fact that I only arrived in America from my native Vietnam at the tail end of my high school education, only the last 2 years. When I went to college, I was very much still struggling. But my grades consistently improved.

I feel strongly that I have developed greater and greater acumen over my years working in professional sectors of the business world and that I have great management potential, especially with respect to managing questions of diversity, harmony, and conflict resolution. I could not be more committed to the most rigorous of accountancy educations available and I assure you that I can and will make my Master’s studies my number one priority.  Your program will teach me how to become a leader in my organization and a world-class financial communicator with the highest level of ethical consciousness and professional standards.

I have worked as a loan processor, a real estate appraiser trainee, and a premium auditor. To me change is a positive, not a negative and I think of it as professional growth, broadening my horizons, and strengthening my grasp of accounting through an exploration of related areas and real-world applications.  I have sometimes wondered if the fact that my country of origin, Vietnam, which has historically been primarily a fishing society, has anything to do with the fact that I have found a corporate home where I feel very happy and appreciated: XXXX Shop, Inc. - we sell mostly fishing tackle. Prior to my arrival, finances were handled manually by the president of the company.  He hired an accounting firm but he was hesitant to give up control. I had to follow his manual system for a while before he developed enough confidence to give me total control. When he finally did, I quickly moved to convert from an archaic manual system to a complete implementation of every aspect of Quickbooks.  I also take on payroll and some tax filings, which helps reduce our expenses. 

My boss is now free on the weekend to work on projects he is passionate about.  He has more time to plan business strategy and work on private labels.  We are growing rapidly.  I have already made great contribution to the growth of our company and this pleases me greatly; thus, I have no plan to leave anytime soon, I simply want to continue to learn so that I can continue to contribute more and more to the profitability of our business organization. I thank you for considering my application to your rigorous and competitive program.

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