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Blog posts : "Biology PHD"

PHD Biology, Molecular Pathology

I am most passionately engaged in the study of biomedical research, especially its potential for saving lives. I am applying to your doctoral program because I plan to devote my professional life to the study of biology, with a constant gaze set on doing everything that we can as biologists to con…

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PHD Biological Sciences, Chinese

The Biological Science Program offered by the City of Hope represents a great opportunity for me since its area of study is very much in line with my own research interests. I am especially interested in working under Dr. XXXX to learn about the mechanism underlying angiogenesis of normal and pathol…

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PHD Microbiology, Diversity, Iranian

Having been born and raised in Tehran, Iran, I come from a country that is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, with a rich history beginning over 6000 years ago. Iran has been historically mistrusted, even vilified. Those developing nations that have good relations with Iran are viewed as susp…

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PHD Doctorate Biology, Saudi Arabia

I am a young woman from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who is very involved in the study of biology and wants to study towards a doctoral degree at XXXX University. I have been very excited about becoming a scientist since I was young. I hold a B.A. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Genetics from XXXX Uni…

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