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PHD Biological Sciences, Chinese

The Biological Science Program offered by the City of Hope represents a great opportunity for me since its area of study is very much in line with my own research interests. I am especially interested in working under Dr. XXXX to learn about the mechanism underlying angiogenesis of normal and pathological conditions, and under Dr. XXXX so as to learn everything that I can about the post-translational modification of proteins by ubiquitin and their effects on almost every aspect of biological function. After completing the PHD Degree my long term goal is to continue to be engaged in research in my field and to teach at the university level. I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of gene expression regulations, the protein-protein interactions of cells, and how cancer cells differ from normal cells, which genes and proteins are released only by cancer cells, and, in addition to CDK\cyclin protein interactions, the other proteins that are involved, for example, in the angiogenesis, metastasis, and other cancer-specific features genes. I especially want to learn more about nasopharyngeal carcinoma and liver cancer the most common forms of cancer found among Asians because of our habits and environmental and living conditions.

 Chemistry was my first academic love, mixing solutions together and seeing their infinite combinations and reactions. Towards the end of high school, a close relative died of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and this shifted my attention to medicine and I began to learn as much as possible about all kinds of diseases, becoming especially fascinated with the study of genetics. Over time, my passion for chemistry and genetics merged into my interest in molecular and cell biology, interactions between genes and proteins, proteins and proteins, and what happen when these mechanisms are thrown off-balance, as in the case of cancer cells.

 There are numerous medical doctors in my family and it was my father’s wish that someday I become a medical doctor as well. After several unpleasant discussions and incidents, studying for the GRE gave way to studying for the MCAT; eventually, I entered Ross University School of Medicine. The problem was that I never wanted to be a medical doctor and it took time to learn that one must live their lives for their own dreams, not the dreams of one’s parents. By the end of the second semester, I had a counseling session with an on-campus psychiatrist who determined that I was struggling from anxiety and depression. He put me on medication, and I took a leave of absence for a semester. I withdrew from medical school after 16 months of study. In hindsight, however, I now realized that I learned something most valuable in medical school, that my calling was as a research scientist. Later, while studying in the Biotechnology Department at Pasadena City College, I had first-hand experience in several biotechnology and stem cell culture techniques. After transferring to the University of California at Los Angeles, in-depth and intensive molecular and biochemistry labs further nurtured my passion for research. I have also become a computer programmer and I am currently working on a program for analytical chemistry, studying the usage of different instruments such as GC\MS and NPD’

 Another of my projects concerns the use of flourimetry to determine the concentration of nitrous acid in ambient air. We have also been laboring to determine the concentrations of HCN and ammonia in our atmosphere, and the results were published, in poster form, and presented in an HEI Presentation in May 2010.

 I wish to devote my professional future to studying the complexity of gene regulations and protein-protein interactions. After receiving the Ph.D., I want to work with a large research firm and would someday like to open my own research institute. For me there are no problems only challenges. I feel like I am an especially strong candidate for your program because of my extensive experience in medical school. The experience and knowledge that I gained during the course of those 16 months are invaluable and will help me to excel in your program. Studying human anatomy, including dissections, provided me with a direct, in-side-out view of the human body. My studies of histology and biochemistry together have provided me with a deep insight into how our body works, from gene regulations to cell cycle, from pro-oncogenes to different stages of cancer development. This academic preparation will help me to excel in your program and do creative research.

 Earning the Ph.D. Degree in your program will prepare me for a long and distinguished career in our ongoing battle against disease, devoting the balance of my professional life to the study of the mechanism of disease, and ultimately contributing to the developments of successful treatments that will save lives. It will also prepare me for becoming a teacher in my field and passing on the torch to new generations of students. I thank you for considering my application to your highly esteemed program.

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