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MS Veterinary Medicine, African-American

 A young black woman from Gainesville, my dream is to become the very best veterinarian that I can. I love the wild and always have. Being out and about in nature with animals has been my first and foremost passion ever since I was a child. And it is not just nature, as I have always been drawn to livestock as well with a passionate love for animals both wild and domesticated. I really do not know why, perhaps at 23 I do not yet fully understand my heart all I know is the love that I feel for our animal companions. I see them as angels, gifts from God. My first choice for graduate study is at the University of XXXX for several reasons. I feel strongly that you have one of the best programs in the country and I dearly love my home state and still want to be close to my family as I depend on their support. We are a close family and we support each other.

I am looking forward to studying Veterinary Medical Sciences because I so want to expand my knowledge concerning all phases of Animal Science. The greatest asset that I have to bring to your program is the fact that I am enormously enthusiastic with a very strong desire to learn, and, perhaps most of all, I am super hardworking.

Having finished up my B.S. Degree in Animal Science this May, 2008, I am keenly anxious to continue on to graduate school. It is like I am an addict for study and learning and I have my heart set on going on to graduate study, especially in your remarkable program with all of the special interests and topics that most interest me. I am convinced that your program will prepare me to be the very best veterinarian that I can possibly be.

It would be a profound honor for me and my family to attend the Veterinary Program with the largest biotechnology program in the world. My family would be so very proud of me, and I would also be proud of myself. I ask for the opportunity to demonstrate my capacity and courage to be one of the hardest working graduate students that has ever passed through your program. I am especially intrigued by the mysteries surrounding the deadly tropical diseases afflicting our livestock. I am hungry to study the entire spectrum from Wildlife and Zoo Animal Medicine, through Sports Medicine and Animal Health Training. Another thing that is so exciting to me about your program are your research efforts concerning the profoundly important connections between animal diseases, on the one hand, and our food supply on the other and the related issues of diseases that are common to animals and man.

Being admitted to your program will enable me to become a highly skilled and successful small animal Veterinarian with a specialty in surgery. I am a very friendly person who loves people; one of a limited number of black Americans who have struggled to the point where I can now communicate well in Spanish. I am a world citizen and a well-read, cosmopolitan woman who has traveled as much as her budget would allow. I get along well with everyone and put a priority on teamwork and communication. I have volunteer experience with a number of organizations and I feel that I am well prepared to enter your program. This would empower me to make the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to my society and our planet: supporting animal health and welfare and the way that this is related to human public health. I want to thank you from the bottom of my big heart for your consideration of my application.


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