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MS Business Analytics, Operational Research

As a graduate student in XXX University in Saudi Arabia, I have focused my studies on Mathematics, earning a near-perfect XXX. To date, I have taken many quantitative courses throughout my degree path, including Principles of Statistics, Introduction to Analysis, Real Analysis I & II, Statistics and the theory of Problems, Complex Analysis and Numerical Analysis and Programs, earning a cumulative  XXX point scale.

The XXX Operational Research course is the ideal path for my scholastic and professional path. Aside from being a stepping-stone to eventually completing my XXX, the graduate Operational Research course will enable me to bring my goals of becoming a quality professor for XXX University to fruition. Moreover, as a professor, I will have direct links to the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Health and feel I would be instrumental in affecting change, advising on a number of the sectors they serve, and contemporary XXX societal issues. I am particularly interested in applications of operational research concerning location-allocation models in health service development planning. With the exposure XXX can give me in areas such as optimization, stochastics, and statistics, I will be fully prepared to interface my academic and professional experiences into not only the classroom I aim to teach, but also as a consultant to governmental agencies.

Already I have had a great deal of practical experience in the classroom, teaching for XXX University. Indeed, I have been tutoring students in XXX as well as the use of XXX software on behalf of the Statistics and Quantitative Methods Department. My performance has earned me a complete scholarship to pursue a graduate degree.

Further evidence of my commitment to my discipline and my country can be found in my volunteer membership with several philanthropic organizations serving the needs of orphans. In addition, I feel I have obtained an excellent level of cultural competency, over and above my bilingual abilities as I have traveled throughout the XXX and Europe, seeing these amazing places with a more critical eye, examining their complex situations with regards to operational research.

I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for Operational Research. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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