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MBA Global Executive, Nigerian

I am a young Nigerian woman of the Urhobo tribe with profound hope for my native Africa where I was born. I was raised in the United Kingdom. At 28, I feel strongly that I am at my optimal moment for graduate study: old enough to have the maturity to fully appreciate the enormous privilege of graduate study in a program of your quality yet still young enough to be brimming with energy, hungry for long hours of devoted study. My emotional stability and my capacity to focus on the task at hand have been refined through many years of very diligent work and study. There are many reasons why the XXXX Global Executive MBA Program is my first and only choice for graduate school. Perhaps the strongest part of my candidacy to your program is my diversity. I take pride in being a British African woman, and it brings me joy because this will empower me to help others. I want so very much to become a part of your academic community because of your program's emphasis on the unquantifiable value of your peers' insights, experience and passions. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as someone who was raised in Britain, but most of all as African, and most specifically, Nigerian, in the struggle to unify our global village.

I have been concerned with poverty my entire life, not so much my own, but that of others. Personally, I have always been clever enough to live more or less comfortably as the result of a lot of hard work and I generally attain what I set my sights on. This prepares me for my principle ambition helping others and my drive and dedication are at an all time high. A very serious young woman for 28, I feel that my greatest gift is my compassion. Business with a heart is my motto and this is where I would be most helpful among my peers. I look forward to lengthy conversations with my colleagues in your program about the exercise of social responsibility as a profitable enterprise. And it is here where I find myself so especially attracted to your program. I have reviewed many programs of quality; but your program strikes me as having a humanistic element that is absent with the others. I tend to see business as the most pragmatic way to avoid warfare and raise living standards through dialogue and a lot of clear thinking. I am a black woman of mixed race who is well aware, for example, that the British abolished slavery not so much out of altruism or conversion as it was to develop markets for British exportations and slaves were not good consumers. Similarly today, I firmly believed that First World success depends upon humane treatment of the Third World, the majority of our global village.

My candidacy for acceptance to your program is strengthened by the fact that I have done undergraduate work in Switzerland as well as the US. I look forward to someday being the owner of my own global business in software development.  Conversational in French and able to read as well as speak Japanese to say nothing of Creole, I am also learning Spanish and Portuguese. A member of the National Society of Black Engineers NESBE, I have also done missionary work teaching Sunday Schools in Nigeria and mentoring young children. I adore community service and have spent a lot of time visiting the elderly in community living centers.

As someone who has lived extensively in 4 different countries, I hope to bring a unique blend of international dynamism to our group discussions. Passionately committed to not only learning but being a first rate contributor to the environment/team that I work with, I am extremely adaptable and dedicated to the achievement of my goals, assimilating and processing rapidly. Innovative I usually think outside of the box. I am very excited about my chance to make ongoing, integral contributions to the generation of socially progressive ripple effects that multiply within themselves, organically, naturally, contributing to saving the lives of vast segments of our global, human community and I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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