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MSc Chemistry UK, International Award

Science is incredible. It has such diversity that no-one can specialise in every field, yet it has such depth that anyone can learn a new fact or figure every day. Our world has been shaped by Science in the past, is what it is today because of Science and Science will ultimately determine our future. It has always fascinated me as a subject- when I was eight I tried to make a telescope out of tracing paper and kitchen roll. When I was ten I was looking at Plant Leaves under a microscope and when I was sixteen I started to read popular Science, such as Bad Science by Ben Goldberg.

Science is an immense subject- whilst on a Headstart Course over the Summer I first experienced University level Chemistry. I decided immediately that I wanted to use the equipment and learn the theory of the Queen of Sciences. I hope to pursue a career in the Chemical Industry - it is fast growing, vital to our world and will give me the opportunity to work with other Scientists and Engineers in Theoretical and Practical situations every day. As a hardworking and dedicated student, I took five AS levels and achieved A grades in all my module examinations, excelling in Maths and Chemistry, where I achieved 292/300 and 298/300 UMS scores. I am now taking 4 A levels and further mathematics AS Level, for which I am studying towards Further Pure Mathematics 1 and 2, and self-studying Statistics 1.

I have played in the QIFL, a Qatari amateur football league for the last year, which has improved my ability as a goalkeeper. I have also been training children to play football at a local club as part of my International Award Service. These have taught me the importance of teamwork and successful leadership in reaching a goal. Over the past three years I have learnt to sail and was part of a crew that sailed 137 nautical miles from Doha to Bahrain for my International Award Expedition. I also learnt how to sail Laser class dinghies as my skill at a local sailing academy. These taught me the importance of teamwork, good preparation and determination to succeed. These have been further emphasised by my Silver Expedition to the Himalayas, which involved climbing to the peak of a mountain 4080m above sea level.

I have held several authority positions in school. I have worked as a prefect for the last year and more recently as a Deputy House Captain. This involves working with children from year seven to thirteen, other House Captains and teachers to organise sporting, musical and academic competitions within school. I have also been working in similar roles outside of school as my Service section of the International Award. I am now working towards Gold level.

Model United Nations (MUN) conferences have been an important activity for me, and have attended several in Qatar. I have been selected as a Chair for the upcoming Doha College MUN and have been chosen as an ICC Defence Lawyer for the Qatar MUN in November. To support this, I have taken up debating in the last 10 months. Through these I have built a formidable skills base in argument formulation and public speaking. These skills are helped through studying A-Level History. It is a particular area of interest to me. When I lived in the UK I visited the Northumbrian Castles and Roman fortifications along Hadrian's Wall. Through extensive reading I also learnt about the interesting and varied History of Science and its immense importance in all aspects of life. Studying History has also taught me how to structure a written argument and the importance of planning, detail and methodical writing in presenting an idea.

I believe that I am well suited towards the rigours and rewards of Higher Education, possessing the drive and ability to reach my full potential both in terms of academic success and in my future career. I am looking forward to studying Chemistry at University level, and to pursuing a career in the dynamic and rewarding Chemical Industry.

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