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MS Analytical Chemistry, Chinese

Coming to America from China was a choice I made to pursue the finest chemistry education possible. XXX State University has a fantastic reputation, standing out amongst the background noise of other state universities. ISU's Carnegie RU/VH institutional status is reassuring of an unsurpassed educational experience, and a commitment to academic excellence. More importantly, ISU's consistent access to research grants is indicative of the respect ISU commands. It is my hope that my academic relationship with ISU will continue, as, in order to bring my future plans to fruition, I intend to work my way through ISU's Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry program as well.

I have developed personal standards of how to conduct myself in life, to be disciplined, persistent and above all to work hard at everything that I do. I have an inquisitive nature, and enjoy challenges and mysteries. Resolving to take on the intellectual challenges Analytical Chemistry offered, I have dedicated myself to its pursuit. Analytical Chemistry fits very well into where I have been, my aptitudes and where I want to go in terms of my career. Nothing would bring me greater satisfaction than to improve existing technologies to better analyze compounds, and keep the cost of such procedures to a minimum for a number of industries, be it biomedical, environmental, industrial or forensics.

Winning the Silver Trophy of Chemical Engineering Design, issued by China National Chemical Engineering Association, belies the amount of work and understanding involved in the design of a production chain. During the design process and planning, I had to consider issues not normally thought of by burgeoning chemical engineers, such as economics, and reducing the overall cost of developing a project. Simultaneously, I displayed my time management skills, attending to all of my academic requirements and earning an excellent GPA.

I feel that I have a great deal to offer ISU's program as I have attained a high level of cultural competency. Scientists never work in a vacuum, and must rely on their multidisciplinary team work experiences, and interpersonal skills to achieve their aims. Due to my cultural experiences in China and America, I am adept at effectively interacting in a group of scientists from a range of backgrounds. I bring with me a world view that has been developed beening born and raised in China, but also is tempered by seeing China from an American viewpoint; it has changed things for me forever. On the most practical level, I have proven my abilities not only in Chinese but in English as well, earning perfect marks on the math portion of the GRE.

There are countless opportunities in the field of Analytical Chemistry, and standing in the middle of it, one cannot see its edges. Through an academic relationship with ISU, I will be on the path to making that field even larger. I look forward to the opportunity to develop myself as a creative leader for Analytical Chemistry. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated and I eagerly await a personal interview.

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