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MA Education, Community Counseling

Before we can discuss why I am pursuing a Community Counseling degree, we need to discuss where I have come from. I thought I was in love, that he was the one. I was 19 and, looking back, a child bride. For three years I knew something was horribly wrong. I tried to fix it, and yet we had two childr…

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MA Education Administration, Distance

As a teacher and Language Arts Achievement Coach, I live every day to see my children, and I measure my progress by how much I can help them, contributing to their long-term happiness through success in school. I want as many to go to college as possible. The daughter of immigrants from Mexico, I ca…

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MA Education, Montessori, Science

For the past seven years, I have been involved in plastic surgery, and successfully so, but I have found that I am not satisfied psychologically or emotionally with this work. I feel that I have exhausted every avenue of promotion and challenges without becoming a surgeon myself, something I am mo…

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