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For the past seven years, I have been involved in plastic surgery, and successfully so, but I have found that I am not satisfied psychologically or emotionally with this work. I feel that I have exhausted every avenue of promotion and challenges without becoming a surgeon myself, something I am more than able to pursue, but this is not where my heart lies. I have found that I was never happier nor more satisfied with my work than during my five years of pre-school and kindergarten teaching. Volunteering my time and teaching health education in my community has helped me maintain my basic teaching skills and kept them alive and fresh. However, I want more for myself, to give more to, specifically, children, as my contribution to their futures. Indeed, I have spent ten years in private study, in my own time, of Dr. Maria Montessori and her outstanding contributions to what I believe is the most appropriate teaching method for children in the world. The process continues to be as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago. This is the teaching method I want to become a part of, a system of education that makes sense in a world that has become fixated with the qualitative analysis of grading and testing systems. This system is fraught with impediments or detriments to children's development.

The XXX Institute can aid me in developing my existing teaching skills and give me the requisite enhancement that only the XXX method can, the complete appreciation of a child's mental and physical development and how this correlates directly to learning. I have never taught using the XXX method and need to move beyond the teaching methods I was taught and implemented earlier, but I have taught and observed children as they develop. I have never owned or run a XXX school, though I have extensive hotel ownership and management background. I have learned many lessons in these two arenas, experiences I can bring with me and utilize in pursuit of my dream to one day soon open and operate a successful XXX school and be a leader for the future of the XXX method. The school I own and work at will be my legacy.

One of the aims of XXX's education system is to bring the world to the classroom. The world has been my classroom. I have walked, seen, and experienced 54 countries, including developing nations. What better way could I bring the world to the school than with first-hand experiences, photos, and objects, bringing places alive for children? Who better to teach geography, social studies, or other cultures? My adventures in surgery can help bring lessons in anatomy alive, as I have witnessed and participated in operations on living human bodies. I can explain the colors, textures, and functions of many systems of the human body. Who better to teach the marvels of human anatomy or life cycles? To my mind, I can bring significant contributions to the educational experiences of the children I will eventually serve. On a practical level, I hold current certification in BLS and ACLS.I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you and having the honor of a personal interview.

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