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PHD Information Systems & Technology, Saudi

I hold a bachelor degree in Statistics and Computing and a Master’s in Information Systems. My goal now is to pursue a Ph.D. with the ultimate aim of becoming a teacher and researcher and at the University of Najran in my home country of Saudi Arabia, where I studied for my bachelor degree.

I possessed boundless curiosity as a child about machines of all kinds and used to amuse and sometimes exasperate my father with questions about how things worked and how they might be improved or put to new uses. Before I had ever used a computer, my father decided that this was a field in which my curiosity could find a useful and profitable outlet and bought me a PC. ‘Love’ might be too strong a word for my feelings for a mere machine but I was immediately intrigued, I quickly discovered how it worked and, to my joy, that the potential applications were almost endless.

I am still filled with that first enthusiasm and in seeking new ways of using technology to get relevant information into appropriate hands in more and more efficient and focused ways. I am very interested in applications related to the provision of health services especially to rural and impoverished communities and would be particularly interested in pursuing research in this area of work. Naturally I seek to ‘make a living’, and a hopefully a good one, but I also long to make a positive difference in the world and to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable me to do so for the general good.

I know that not everyone is a fit candidate for a Ph.D. program and have carefully considered my own suitability. I am aware that such a program calls for boundless enthusiasm for the subject and I can certainly offer that. Relevant knowledge and academic skills of a high order are also called for and I believe that the work undertaken and results obtained in my Master’s degree program provide both a good foundation for this program and a positive indication of my further academic potential.

I undertook useful research during my Master’s degree studies and my deep interest in research is, of course, one of the main reasons for this application. I am aware that the best researchers commonly possess certain characteristics and I believe that I have or can develop these. I am, by nature, very curious and enjoy being presented with new problems calling for innovative thinking and in providing efficient and elegant solutions. I am a patient yet determined person who does not give up easily. I am aware of the temptation in research to prove a hypothesis rather than to test it thoroughly and dispassionately and I believe that I possess the objectivity to avoid this trap.

I have acquired teaching experience in my professional life as a manager. I have been called upon to train junior staff both singly and in groups and thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm with others. I have gained great satisfaction from this area of my work and the feedback from my trainees has been uniformly positive. I feel that I have the potential to make a good teacher and look forward very much to acquiring further skills in this art during the program.

My professional experience has provided me with skills and knowledge that can be usefully applied in the program. I know something of the world of work outside of academia which is vital to someone seeking to solve real and pressing practical problems. I have learned much about effective management. Among the most important lessons learned have been those related to effective decision making, efficient allocation of time and resources and team building skills. I believe that this professional exposure will enable me to provide useful insights to the academic community that I hope to join.

I am fluent in Arabic and English. I have travelled widely both in the US and in the Arab states and I hope to travel more widely in the future. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds and look forward to extending this experience within the program.

I have carefully researched the programs available to me and regard your own as the best fit to enable me to achieve my goals because of its focus on research and teaching. Colleagues and friends have also recommended the university as one that provides an excellent academic environment that is both highly challenging and supportive.

I know that the program attracts many well qualified applicants. However I regard myself as an excellent candidate who can bring a highly relevant academic and practical background but, most importantly, a genuine passion for the subject and a determination to learn as much as possible and to apply and pass on that learning for the general good.  

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