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PHD Computer Science, Saudi Arabian

I am a young man from Saudi Arabia who is currently finishing up his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of XXXX. I have enjoyed my studies here at UXX enormously. I feel that I still have much to learn, however, and I hope very much to have the opportunity to continue my studies…

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PHD Gender Studies, South African Woman

As a woman from South Africa, I want to dedicate my life to the improvement of the image of African Women. I am deeply troubled by stereotypes of women in Africa, generally speaking, and South Africa in particular. African women are not oppressed and downtrodden, especially not by nature. I want t…

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PHD Communications Media and Instructional Tech.

I am a young woman from Malaysia; still only 28 years old, I have fallen in love with Communications and Media in a global context entire. I think of myself as a world citizen and I have already seen much of the planet. Making good use of my vacations from college, I have backpacked through Indone…

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Masters Hospitality Studies, Chinese Woman

I was raised in China until moving to the US at the age of 15. Consequently, I have the cultural sense and reason of the Chinese yet have adopted much of the culture of the West too. I see this as an asset to me in my desire to work towards the degree since I relate well to both worlds, East and W…

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Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA UK

I have recently completed an MBA degree programme with XXXX University during which I have acquired significant skills and knowledge which have been applicable in my work and which I believe were instrumental in enabling me to progress within my company from senior management to the Managing Direc…

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Ph.D. Program in Electrical Engineering, Thai

I am a Thai National, born and raised in Bangkok, and I have been extremely fortunate in being able to pursue my studies in the United States. This has given me a valuable insight into the depth and quality of education in this country and convinced me to apply for my doctorate program at Columbia…

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Residency in Pediatrics Canada, Saudi Doctor

I am a Saudi Arabian pediatrician and currently a teaching assistance at XXXX in Saudi Arabia. I hope very much to join an approved residency program in pediatrics in order to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience that I need to progress in my chosen field. I am a very dedicated and hard wo…

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PHD in Public Administration, Saudi

I am a Saudi Arabian man who has recently completed my Master’s Degree in Public Administration at XXXX University in Michigan. The single-most important thing that I learned at GVSU is the way that strategic planning is a process, beginning with a detailed scan of the environment upon or into whi…

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DMD Dental Medicine, American Applicant

I trace my adult aspirations back to the age of 9. At this time, my father returned to college in his late thirties to pursue a master’s degree in anesthesia. Since I was the oldest of three children, my mother was also unable to work and we soon found ourselves scrounging out an existence on welf…

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Master’s Petroleum Geology, Chinese

I was something of a mathematical prodigy as a child in China and won several awards at provincial and national levels. Initially I decided that, as I was so good at math, I would study it and make a career in that field. However an interest in geoscience began to develop about the time that I had…

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PHD Information Systems & Technology, Saudi

I hold a bachelor degree in Statistics and Computing and a Master’s in Information Systems. My goal now is to pursue a Ph.D. with the ultimate aim of becoming a teacher and researcher and at the University of Najran in my home country of Saudi Arabia, where I studied for my bachelor degree.


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Masters CRNA, Nursing Anesthesiology

In 2008, I brought my successful fifteen-year career in the field of IT to a close. While I had enjoyed my time with Hyperion Services, a job in which I received many commendations, and developed extensive networks in managerial, communication, something had always been missing, a level of personal …

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