LLM, Middle East Politics, Lebanon

As a young man from Lebanon, taking an interest in International affairs comes naturally. We Lebanese live daily through a cauldron of conflict: political, economic, and even physical. We are especially keenly aware, many of us, of the need for clear-headed dialogue rather than fighting any many of us are struggling for this. Given the great significance of Lebanon to the new strategic patterns emerging in the international politics of the Middle East, it is crucial that Lebanon have well-trained legal professionals, since it is only through the passing of progressive legislation that Lebanon can find peace. Sadly, it seems to me that Lebanon will not achieve peace until there is a broader peace in the Middle East, until the Palestinian question is resolved, until the United States and Iran can come to agreement for a lasting peace, there will be little peace for Lebanon.

What we Lebanese want most is this exchange with the rest of the world. So I ask your help to prepare me to serve my people through the facilitation of the foreign presence in Lebanon. We want to work and struggle to make Lebanon a place where people from the West would like to come to visit, again, even though it seems unrealistic. Who wants to vacation in Lebanon these days with a U.S. destroyer anchored off the coast ready to launch its bombs. It is only by a sheer love and respect for optimism that I feel so highly motivated in this struggle, to make Lebanon a part of a world at peace rather than a world at war.

Lebanon does not want to be in the crosshairs of a war between the United States and Iran. And I am not alone in thinking that we depend on the help of Great Britain. While there are a whole host of reasons why the University of London is my first choice for graduate study, foremost among them will be the opportunity to discuss the plight of my people with the finest minds of England. I feel that it is important for the world to help the people of Lebanon. Thus, offering assistance to someone like myself, inviting me to share in your academic community, as an ambassador of good will; this would be the highest privilege that I could imagine.

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