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MS Real Estate, NYC, Harlem, African-American

XXXX University’s MS in Real Estate Program is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons. Most of all, I appreciate the way that you emphasize the importance of contributing to the inclusive and sustainable development of communities as well as the need for corporate and social responsibility. My long term goal is not to become as rich as possible; rather, I see real estate development as a social and potentially even a humanitarian service; and I hope to someday become a real estate developer not only in my native New York but also in the land in which I was born and raised, Haiti – farther down the road in my career.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at XXU as someone who is fully multicultural, since I was raised in Haiti and did not immigrate to America to reunite with my family here until I finished high school. A little more than 6 years ago, watching the scenes of suffering and destruction caused by the earthquake in Haiti, caused me to bond again in my heart with the land where I grew up and this tragedy enhanced my passion to help my people at least at some point in my career - when I have more experience, time, and freedom. XXU has a very dynamic Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies as well as a Haitian-American student union. I will thus feel much at home at XXU, bonding with the Haitian and other Caribbean communities.

Learning the cutting-edge of real estate development will empower me for decades to come, constantly enhancing my real estate management and development skills working in the world’s most dynamic markets. I hope to acquire the cutting edge creativity that will enable and inspire me to pass over hurdles along the way working in competitive and challenging scenarios. Real Estate is a career change for me since my area has up until now has been IT. I want very much to put the IT to work in the real estate industry and I will probably be called the IT guy in the future at any firm where I might work. I hope to start my own brokerage at some point.

I hope to make my professional mark making affordable housing more “affordable” for low income families in New York and surrounding areas. I feel strongly that a lot of families have problems because they work to much with too little time to devote to family life, and many if not most young parents do this in order to pay the exorbitant rent prices of New York City. Harlem is my home and I have a special interest in what I call black real estate.

My interest in real estate really took off in college as a result of working as a resident assistant (RA). I quickly noticed how that by their junior or senior year students were looking to move off campus and by the time I graduated I had made my first investment in off-campus rental property,  renovating much of it myself while I lived in the basement and rented the upstairs floors college students.  Two years later, in 2007, I bought another home in foreclosure in the same neighborhood to rent out. Discouraged by the crash of 2008, I just focused from that time forward on everything IT. Last year I earned my real estate broker’s license and I’m currently attending a Real Estate Associate Program in NYC called REAP – which will end on May 5th.  Earning my Masters at XXU in Real Estate will provide my with the foundation for a long and highly fulfilling lifetime in real estate development, a professional with a social purpose and someone who will never forget from whence he came.

I thank you for considering my application.

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