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MS Adult Nurse Practitioner, Latina

A young Latina woman from New York, I was born in Oceanside and moved to the Dominican Republic at 2 years old. I came back to the U.S. permanently at the age of 12 and have been back now for 16 years. The strongest aspect of my application to your M.S. Program to become an Adult Nurse Practitioner is my profound passion for helping Spanish-speaking people to better maintain their health through awareness of and access to the health care system and especially the importance of preventative medicine. I am a very caring, compassionate person; and caring for others is my calling in life. At 28 years old, I feel strongly that I have enough professional and personal experience in life to make me an optimal candidate, combining the energy of youth with maturity, what I have learned thus far throughout my struggles, as a woman and a multicultural and multilingual person, and finally as a nurse who truly loves her work.

Ten years from now, I would like to be in charge of an outpatient cardiology clinic in an underserved, Spanish-speaking community. It is my long term professional goal to spend the rest of my life with the joy of hands on nursing for my people, caring for those who are not only under-served, but the segment of our population with the greatest population increase. Looking forward to serving as an example to younger nurses as the years progress, as a result of hard work, and unbounded concern with genuine affection and respect for our patients. I so look forward to having a greater share in the responsibility that goes with nursing, in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiac conditions. I am also happy that I have fully made up my mind in what area to devote the balance of my professional life, another 40 or 50 years: the heart. The mysteries of the heart, for me, are the center of the world: instructing patients about important recognition of early signs and symptoms of cardiac disease, along with the specific nutritional information that Latinos' need to know, the truth about many cherished ethnic foods and doing this, of course, in Spanish. Among my professional plans for the future are conducting workshops and health fairs at different locations in poor areas of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, etc., where myself and other staff perform blood pressure screenings, etc.

I am ready to become a nursing leadership and I see XXXX College as the flagship program in this area. Accepting me to your program will make my dream come true and I will relish the joy of service to others for the rest of my life, above all, the success of my students. Your program is the best preparation for the certification that I need to realize my own full potential, as a nurse practitioner certified by the New York State Education Department. I eagerly look forward to the studying at XXXX because I feel that it has the best program in all of NYC in terms of academic excellence in all phases of normal adult development, primary health common problems or medical challenges faced by adults. I also want very much to attend XXXX because of its multidisciplinary approach to primary care. Because XXXX is located in NYC where there is a large Dominican population it is a perfect place for me to do my nursing internship among my people, Dominicans. I am a very friendly, funny, and outspoken person, often described by others as charismatic and bright. I would be a great asset to the program because I am so very enthusiastic about my profession, compassionate and caring and very dedicated to my patients, listening to their ideas and concerns. This is why I have often been voted as employee of the month by my fellow nurses. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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