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MS, Real Estate Finance

For the past eight years, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers, an unswerving commitment to providing the finest Accountancy and Real Estate finance service that I can.  I have faced each new challenge with increasing creativity, enthusiasm, with a work ethic and discipline born of six years of serving my country in the US Army.  Moreover, I have been left wanting to give that much more, on a greater scale, and to be a greater contributor in my work in Real Estate.  At my current academic level, I will quickly exhaust every avenue of opportunity.  Turning to my alma mater, UXXX, continuing a successful academic relationship is more than a logical choice; it is a natural and ideal path to bringing my plans, ambitions – my dreams – to fruition.

 Earning my MS in Finance, with a Real Estate focus will enable me to fill a rising need I have seen in the San Antonio area.  There is a growing population of retirees who desperately need adequate and affordable housing for their twilight years.  Military and student populations are increasing, and they too have their unique needs, particularly for rental properties.  Building my exposure in the field, namely advising the management team I am a part of, I will be better able to seek out and procure more profitable financing solutions for our company and clients.  Moreover, I am aiming to be the owner of a Real Estate Holding company, one that will invest in Real Estate projects in and around XXXX with the goal being a revitalization of specific, key areas.  Increasing my depth of understanding in Real Estate Finance will lay the necessary foundation from which to develop my short and long-term plans, not just for me, but for the people and community I seek to serve.

 I bring with me to the student body and the graduate program my meticulous attention to detail and a strong sense of loyalty, one that has served me well in designing, developing and applying projects in my professional work.  These abilities will translate well to the academic program, and anticipate being able to meet the intensity of the curriculum.  Proof of my ability to excel within UXXX can be found in my having completed my undergraduate Accountancy degree with a competitive GPA, and scholastic path decorated by scholarship and Accounting Star awards.  More importantly, I anticipate sharing the classroom with an accomplished student body, and am eager to share my own experiences as an Accountant for a property development company, homeowner’s association, as well as fulfilling the accounting needs of a property management group that oversees several commercial retail centers.

 All of this sounds so clinical, though, compared to my desire to help my community.  Already, I have given my time and energy as an active volunteer for several charities in San Antonio.  As a future community leader, I feel that there is a need to connect and be a role model for the people I want to aid.  What better proof of our humanity can we give than the steps we take to help others?

 I look forward to continuing my academic relationship with UXXX with great eagerness, and I thank you for your time and consideration.

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