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Dental School Admission, Korean

A non-traditional applicant at 33, I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for dental school as a result of my experience as an artist and computer consultant. I have been in the U.S. now for 14 years, having emigrated with my family from our native Korea. I have fully adjusted and adapted …

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PHD Business Administration, Management

I am applying to XXXX University's program in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and I look forward to teaching and research as a college professor. I have chosen to apply to XXXX because of my special admiration for the research directions of the faculty. I thrive in this kind o…

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Residency Ophthalmology, Research

When I began medical school, I wasn't sure which field of medicine I would be most interested in pursuing. Now that I have explored the range of possibilities through preceptorships, research, personal and clinical experiences, I have discovered that ophthalmology contains all of the elements of m…

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Residency Orthopedics, Work Ethic

FALLING!!! My yell echoed off the vertical canyon walls as I accelerated towards the ground 1,500 feet below. The echo returned; my climbing rope pulled taut halting my plummet. An instant earlier I had been clinging to the fine features of the rock wall above. Dangling now in free air, I looked b…

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