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Over the last 30 years, I have paid especially close attention to relations between Taiwan and China, and all of the implications of this tension for Taiwanese identity. As a published historian of the Cold War, I have also paid particular close attention to the ever-simmering conflict on the Korean Peninsula. I am also very much attached to the profound spirituality to be found in Japan, especially at Shofukuji, where I spent as much time as possible at this holy site where Zen Buddhism began developing in Japan almost 8 centuries ago. I am confident that my raised consciousness level concerning Asian issues will enable me to provide creative ideas for our statement that can help you to get accepted, even to highly competitive programs in Asian Studies.

It is a special honor for me to help you; together, we are building tomorrow by helping you to get accepted, based on an eloquent explanation of your long term plans concerning your contribution to Asia and Asian-Western relations. After you fill out my Online Interview Form, I will ask you some specific questions by email if I need any further information. Please also send your resume/CV and or rough draft if you have one. 

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I help as many applicants to graduate school in Asian Studies as I can, some free of charge, by drafting a model first paragraph on their behalf. I am limited in how many clients I am able to assist primarily by the fact that I have half custody of my baby boy Davy. This is also why it sometimes takes me about three days to finish your statement once you have made your payment. I very much enjoy drafting statements for people whose story excites me, people who I feel strongly are in a unique position to give something of importance to their respective professions.

I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf. I particularly enjoy working on behalf of those clients whose stated long term goals represent a significant contribution to the progressive enrichment of humanity, particularly with respect to the Developing World, where I live with my only child Davy, and the cause to which I dedicated my life. I have been to both Korea and Japan, teaching English in the former, and I hope to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China with my son when he gets a little older.

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To better help you understand your opportunities as an Asian student, here is a list of some of the top universities with high rates of Asian enrollment. The Asian American education also opens many doors to professional fields of employment that have not been there in earlier decades. One of the top industries for employment is health care and the medical profession. These professions tend to offer the most pay for the abilities the Asian American population shows. Another area of high interest is R&D for IT programs.

The universities for Asian American education are as follows:
University of Hawaii Manoa
University of California (all three)
Polytechnic University NY
University of Pennsylvania
University of Maryland
Cornell University
Massachusetts IT
Georgia Tech
University of Texas

The above universities are just a small portion of the Asian American education opportunities offered to the Asian American population. In fact the universities listed for the Asian American education are some of the top universities in the country. To name one there is Stanford. Stanford for the Asian American education is one of the best for medical education. It is sought by many in the Asian American population. One reason is because it is a high level school requiring a very high GPA for attendance and it offers the top level of education in the western states.

If you’d like some assistance with your admission to Graduate School, or any other academic program, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As someone who has traveled throughout much of Asia and has spent decades closely following political, economic, and cultural developments in that region of the world, I feel strongly that I am especially well qualified to help with statements in this area.

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Sample 1st Paragraph MSc East Asian Studies, Korean Applicant

Born in Seoul Korea, I share in common with President Obama the fact that I spent formative childhood years in Indonesia, 3-8 years old. I remember Indonesia very well and this has contributed to my sense of global or international identity as a citizen of the world. I am also fully Korean, however, as a result of the fact that we returned to Korea where I continued to grow up from 9 to 15 years old, when me moved to Canada.

Now 23, I have spent the last 5 years in the USA and will be completing my BA in Political Science next spring. I have come to very much love full time study and I hope to continue on to graduate school at the University of Bristol because I am anxious to move forward on the graduate level right away. Your MSc in East Asian Development and Global Economy at the University of XXXX is the graduate program that covers all of my areas of major interest in the most comprehensive and creative way.

Asian Studies, Issues, Concerns, and Creative Writing for the Personal Statement of Purpose in Asian Studies for Admission to Master’s Degree, MA Programs.

Prior to developing this service about 15 years ago, I lived in Korea and Japan for extensive periods of time teaching English. Later, while attending my own Master’s Program in TESOL at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Ubana, I developed especially close friendships with Asians that continue to this day. I learned an enormous amount about Asia which I think will be reflected in the model first paragraph that I want to draft on your behalf at no charge or obligation.

My clients, increasingly, are Asian or Asian Americans because Asians are now attending colleges and universities at record numbers. Especially in the last few years there are more Asian Americans seeking a higher level education. Overall in the US 45 percent of all Asian Americans have been seeking a college level education in order to get ahead in their lives. Most of the population for Asians above the age of 25 has a degree from a university. These degrees surprisingly have been obtained through the Asian homeland rather than in the US. In this article we will look at the Asian American education opportunities that individuals can find in the US. These have changed drastically in the last few years, regarding Asian American education.

Many scholarships available for the Asian American. These scholarships have been set up in an attempt to help these students get the funding they need. They are also offered through many of the Asian American organizations around the US that further political ambitions as well as education.

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The Humanitarian Side of Asian Studies

Asian studies and humanitarian work make a perfect combination. In fact, there may have been or may be lots of topics you covered or will cover in your Asian studies program that get you fired up and prepared to get your hands dirty overseas in the name of helping others that are less privileged.

During your course, you may have studied modules like philosophy, global diversity, government and politics or been intrigued by a specific area of Asia and want to learn more. All of these have given you a great base of knowledge to prepare you for getting involved in humanitarian work. Here we’re going to discuss the different ways you can do this, whether you’re planning to study further or jump right into the world of work.

It doesn’t matter which of these routes you take, because they will both lead you down the same path. However, if you’re looking for a paid position in a humanitarian organization, you will probably need to get either some excellent experience in the field either at home or in Asia, such as an internship or other voluntary work; or you’ll need a little volunteer experience followed by a strong Masters degree focused in your area of interest.

First let’s look at the sort of volunteer/internship opportunities there are in the US. The “Group in Asian Studies” at University of California, Berkeley points to some great work opportunities for students who have already done their Bachelor’s degree in Asian studies or those wondering where their career could take them once they have the cat in the bag.

Chinese for Affimative Action (CAA) is a grassroots organization that works to protect the civil and political rights of Chinese Americans and advance multiracial democracy in the United States. They advocate for systemic change that protects Chinese immigrants’ rights, promotes language diversity and improves social justice. As an example of a post that could be filled by you, let’s look at their current opening for a community advocate. The position is full-time, 40 hours per week, and they provide a salary that depends on experience, with excellent benefits. The qualifications required for the post include: a bachelor’s degree in a related field, oral fluency in Cantonese, experience in developing and implementing grassroots advocacy campaigns, experience conducting community-based outreach and experience with working in low-income and immigrant communities. This is just one example of a position you might like to aim for in the future.

So you can see that you’ll need to get that work experience before applying. But don’t worry; it’s relatively easy to do this. What you’ll need to do is look around for a volunteer position that will give you the experience you need to satisfy the requirements of your ideal job. Everyone started out at the beginning. Luckily, the beginning can be positively challenging, as volunteer positions often involve similar duties to paid positions.

Fine examples of organizations where you can volunteer in the U.S. include Refugee Transitions, The World Affairs Council, and why not check out the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network YNPNsfba. They connect emerging leaders in the Bay Area community and provide peer-led programs, professional development, networking events and social opportunities for them.

If you’re looking for some paid and volunteer opportunities further afield, look no further than Amnesty International and, where you can sign up for job alerts. If animals are your thing, what about volunteering with Animals Asia ( They need people for their work in China and Vietnam on their programs, and at their offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US. There’s no reason why you couldn’t plan to provide services for a couple of hours a week with various organizations while you’re studying, or working as an intern with a different organization abroad. The more varied your experience is, the more opportunities you will have available to you.

Other cool organizations that might interest you include the Asia Society (, the Asian Human Rights Commission (, EPIK – the English Program in Korea (, Human Rights In China ( and Human Rights Watch ( For job postings relevant to humanitarian work in Asia, have a look at, ReliefWeb and the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.

If you’re fired up to go the academic route first, you have a wide variety of courses available to you all over the world, like the M.Sc. in Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management at Maynooth University’s School of Business. The University of Groningen offers an MA in International Relations: International Humanitarian Action. These, and many more Master’s programs in conflict response, development studies, global health, crisis and disaster management, human rights, international criminal law and others will all equip you perfectly for paid and voluntary positions in Asia. You may find yourself being extremely employable, as the nonprofit sector is currently expanding considerably. Your Asian Studies course and a Masters such as those mentioned above could provide you with some unique and valuable tools for your future career in humanitarian work. Good luck.


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